18th century


  • Gilles Bacor workshop
  • Paris
  • 18th century (c. 1710-1714)
  • Woven
  • Wool and silk
  • 11'6" x 14'7"

This tapestry belongs to the "Tenture des Grands Dieux" created for the house of marquis de Vallière in Paris. It's been weaved by Gilles Bacor workshop in Paris after a design by Jean ier Berain.

The statue of Bacchus stands in the center of the composition. A scene of Bacchanalia takes places below. In the foreground are animals inspired by those of the Louis XIV Ménagerie. Several of them are the same of those drawn by Pieter Boel for the "Tenture des Mois ou des Maisons Royales", waeved by the Gobelins from 1668.