The Fine Arts and Archeologia Museum of Besançon presents this winter a wonderful exhibition dedicated to François Boucher and his taste for China.

The Galerie Deroyan is partner to this event through the loan of an exceptionnal set of four tapestries from the Seconde tenture Chinoise after François Boucher. The museum of Besançon keeps the small oils on canvas by François Boucher who were used as model by Dumons for the cartoons. They are here presented in comparision with  the tapestries.

Our four pieces, with the coat of arms of France and Navarre, belong to the second royal weaving. The subjects are The FairThe DanseThe Wash and The Meal. The original set was made of six tapestries, so two are missing to complete this royal weaving : The Fishing, which belongs to the Mobilier national, and The Hunt whose location is unknown. This four tapestries are so the most complete royal set available on the art market. 

Exhibition until March 2nd 2019.



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